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Capture the Depths with 30-Meter Waterproof LED Lights for GoPro Heroes - Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

Capture the Depths with 30-Meter Waterproof LED Lights for GoPro Heroes - Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

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30 meters Underwater Outdoor Waterproof LED Lights for Go Pro Heros 6/5/4/3+/3/2 Other Action camera.




1.GREAT FOR ALL UNDERWATER ACTIVITIES: Take amazing POV underwater vids for Gopro underwater light. This for GoPro light attachment works up to 30 meters, imagine illuminating dark underwater scenic views with this waterproof gopro light. Whether it is snorkel, scuba or dive, the ADIKA diving lights for Gopro will be great accessories for all those activities.


2.STRONG LIGHTING: This for Gopro light mount, illuminates at wide angle at 300 Lumens with 3 LEDs. The wide angle makes sure that the entire gopro field of vision has proper lighting makes great for gopro video light.


3.3 DIFFERENT LIGHT SETTINGS: 3 Light mode for multi purpose use. 1) "HI " Setting - acts as a for GoPro Sport Light 2) "LOW" - Power saver, low intensity deep dive setting 3) "SOS", work as a for GoPro Flash Light, flashing setting, can be use for SOS or underwater communication.


4.USD RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: No additional batteries needed! It includes a built-in rechargeable 5V 1200mAh battery. Battery for this for gopro waterproof light is long lasting, Per charge battery life --> "HI" Settings = 1.3 Hours, "Low" Settings = 6 hours, "SOS" Settings = 7 Hours.


Product Description:


40m Waterproof Light for GoPro and other capatible camera is a 3 LED dimmable waterproof lights the illumates in a full wide angle to make sure you capture all the underwater moments.


This GoPro Light Attachment is thoroughly testes and you can be reassured that it is of the highest quality, but make sure that you are not diving over 30 meters, as water pressure will be too strong for the thick plastic casing around the light.


Compatible for all GoPro and other campatible camera as long as the housing fit the quick release mount on top of the light or connects to the 3 hinge buckle on the light.

Package Includes:

1x Waterproof Sidelight for GoPro
1x Rechargeable Battery
1x Charging Cable
1x Quick Release Buckle
1x Thumbscrew
1x Screw Wrench
1x Dual Mount


The Package Dimention - 16.5 cm(L) x 10 cm(W)x 4.5 cm(H)
Product Dimension - 7.5 cm(L) x 4.2 cm(W) x 7 cm(H)


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