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CGW Factory GOOD QUALITY Arcade Claw Machine Toy Crane Game Vending Catch Toy Machine For Shop Business

CGW Factory GOOD QUALITY Arcade Claw Machine Toy Crane Game Vending Catch Toy Machine For Shop Business

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CGW GOOD PROFIT Claw Crane Machine Arcade Game,Crane Claw Machines Vending Machine,Toy Crane Game Machine For Sale

Product Description

Guangzhou CGW Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is professional of manufacturing Coin operated Arcade Game machines for Kids and Adults.

110 volts and 220 volts countries are suitable to use our arcade game machines.

Make A Easy and Fast Deal Here:Good Quality,Colorful Led Arcade,Economic Price. 


After the era of epidemic, the shipping cost exported to different countries increased a lot...

While considering the high shipping cost,it is important to choose a good quality supplier.


Here provide One-Stop Services:

*Spare Parts(Hardware Accessories and Software Kits

*Entire Arcade Game Machines Safety Packing & Fast shipping

*Reliable After Sales Services



One-Stop Service : Purchase Arcade Machines or Provide Accessories Repair

Arcade PCB/Kits

Arcade Parts

Kiddie Ride

Claw Machine

Basketball Machine

Boxing Machine

Dart Game Machine

Video Game

Arcade Racing Car

Arcade Shooting

Coin Game Machine

Bar Game Machine


For the different value of gifts,it is convenient for our claw crane machines adjust the Catch Difficulty Factor.

Machine details view:


crane machine details.jpg


CGW arcade machines.png


cow boy game


spare parts


cgw inti arcade parts



Please do not hesitate to do Win-Win Business with us.

OEM/ODM service available


*English version settings on screen, easy for beginners to operate the claw crane machine.

*Taiwan imported Mainboard and stainless steel metal Claw

*Colorful LED looking Claw Crane Machine casings

*Easy to control and adjust the catching difficulty factors with English manual

*OEM/ODM services Available


claw game (11).png


claw game (1).png


claw game (8).png


claw game (2).png


cgw pink.jpg


pink cgw.jpg

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