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Wholesale HAMTOD H9A HD 4K WiFi Sport Camera action camera with Waterproof Case

Wholesale HAMTOD H9A HD 4K WiFi Sport Camera action camera with Waterproof Case

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HAMTOD H9A HD 4K WiFi Sport Camera with Waterproof Case, Generalplus 4247, 2.0 inch LCD Screen, 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

1. 4K/2K/1080P/720P video format, clearly and smoothly record your excellent movements.
2. GC1034 sensor, 120 degree wide-angle lens, create HD images from a wider vision.
3. 2.0 inch HD display for clear and colorful display of scenes and instant playback.
4. Compact waterproof camera case, enable you to record exciting marine adventures. (30m underwater)
5. Built-in WiFi, enable you to control, playback and share your shootings by phone.
6. Powered by detachable 3.7V 400mAh Li-ion Battery, provide long-time service and prolong camera lifespan.

MaterialPlastic, ABS
ChipsetGeneralplus 4247
Waterproof30 meters water resistant
Operating languageEnglish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Japanese,
InterfaceMicro USB, TF card slot, Mini USB
Battery TypeLi-ion battery
Battery Capacity400mAh
External MemoryTF / Micro SD, up to 32GB(not included)

HardwareLens FOV120 Degree wide-angle Lens

FirmwareVideo formatMP4
Image formatJPEG
Image Resolution16M, 14M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M

Package IncludePackage Contents1 x Sports DV Camcorder
1 x Waterproof Case
1 x Waterproof Case Gap
1 x Bicycle Stand
4 x Ribbons
2 x 3M Adhesive Tapes
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x Cleaning Cloth
4 x Bandages
1 x Frame Case
2 x Flat Adhesive Bases
1 x 3-way pivot mount

Package WeightOne Package Weight0.48kgs / 1.06lb
Qty per Carton40
Carton Weight16.92kgs / 37.30lb
Carton Size50cm * 34cm * 52cm / 19.69inch * 13.39inch * 20.47inch
Loading Container20GP: 301 cartons * 40 pcs = 12040 pcs
40HQ: 700 cartons * 40 pcs = 28000 pcs
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